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I have started blogging on my earlier blog at Blogger.

While I shall keep this blog for topics on software architecture, I shall keep on posting topics mostly related to software development in the other blog .

Recently I have posted an article on Office Development ; please let me know your views and comments.

Stand up to Cancer

I have recently installed the Socialvibe widget , to help out the cancer victims. It does not require any contribution from anyone’s part , all it needs is a mouse click .

Lets help in raising funds for cancer treatment  , simply by clicking on the Social Vibe widget on the right .

Architecture Patterns and Design Patterns

Architecture Pattern – It expresses a fundamental structural organization or schema for software systems. It provides a set of predefined subsystems, specifies their responsibilities, and includes rules and guidelines for organizing the relationships between them.

Examples : Architectural framewoks like Zachman, ( ZIFA ) provide the user with a pattern for the designing the enterprise. The OpenGroup also discusses more on this.

This article details the various attributes of a system, and where does software architecture fit it.

Design Pattern – It provides a scheme for refining the subsystems or components of a software system, or the relationships between them. It describes a commonly recurring structure of communicating components that solves a general design problem within a particular context.

Examples : Adapter, Fascade, Singleton, Proxy to name a few.The book on Design Patterns by GOF, provides an exahustive list of design patterns. The Hillside site also has various patterns. With the dynamic change in software its becoming increasingly large to create new patterns, like the one Yahoo has. The TRIZ journal entry also correlates how to use design patterns along with software engineering.

Idiom – It is a low-level pattern specific to a programming language. An idiom describes how to implement particular aspects of components or the relationships between them using the features of the given language.

Example : Idioms generally relate to a particular programming language. Curiously Recurring Template Pattern is considered an idiom in C++.

Other interesting articles on Idioms can be found below:
a) Idioms and Patterns in Architectural Literature.
b) C++ Idioms – Coplien .
c) C++ Idioms .
d) More C++ Idioms .

First WP Post with LiveWriter

Normally I have been posting using the WP web editor or Scribefire. Today I thought why not give Live Writer a try.

Let me see how this post comes out.

Microsoft Surface computing SDK – no international rollout yet

In my earlier post I had discussed how surface computing can revolutionize the retail industry. I had also illustrated the same with some examples. Both of the examples have turned out to be real , the Microsoft / Sheration tie up .

Recently I had contacted the Microsoft Surface computing desk for the SDK and found out that the SDK is not for international rollout. It is only available to PDC participants, and US / Canada residents. 😦

Why WordPress blogs – an afterthought

I am a Google fan, and I love GReader, GMaps, GMail, Gdocs, mobile Gmail. I dont remember the last time I was not using Google for search ; in fact that is the only toolbar I have in my browser  🙂 . That also let me going with Blogger for more than 3 years. Recently I have left blogger with a PR 3. Crazy that I deleted all the blogger posts after the import.

Then I read some posts that Cutline ( the theme I am using ) has been sold, theres no tool for importing WP posts in blogger ( Draft blogger has one, but one needs to specify a XML file ) ; looks like there should be RAID 0 for blogs too 🙂 These are all shivering; aren’t they.

Then I found out why people have moved to Blogger from WordPress. I have discussed some of them in my earlier post ; so thought I would post the one that really brought me to WordPress – SEO friendliness.

What most people miss out when comparing blogging platforms is the way search engine looks at the blogs. Now I am not a great web site analyst ; but after 3+ years into blogging I have learnt a fraction of it. Once I had typed a misspelt my post heading, and there was no way to change the post title URL in blogger. I had to make a repost of the entire post for the spelling change in the URL. In wordpress you just need to edit the permalink; and you are all done. There are more, incoming links , trackbacks, outgoing links, and many others add up to the PR. Blogger has backlinks but I never saw anything coming up within 3+ years, with WordPress less than 15 datys old for me there are some incoming links – now aint that awesome. There are third party tools available which does the needful , with WP its out of the box.

There are more in blogs other than posts.

My blog gets listed in Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 Blogs

My blog has been listed in the Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 Technical In Depth category.

I searched for “Sujay Ghosh” ( without the quotes ) and clicking on the link takes me to this blog.