Enterprise Architecture + Web 2.0 – New Kid On The Block

As cloud computing hovers over Web 2.0 ushering a new computing architecture, and people getting crazy over Amazon’s EC2 and S3 architecture – so is it all Web 2.0 all the way.

Being from a enterprise apps background, Web 2.0 was not that interesting to me. But lately after playing with some Web 2.0 apps, I find them incredible. It really brings fresh air – something which was really needed .

For those who have worked with Web 2.0 , AJAX is a very familiar term. Now AJAX with JSON support makes the stuff even more richer …. and the web is directed towards that .

So what shall happen to enterprise architecture (EA) … is it dead . Does that mean there shall be no more EA ; well if you thought yes, let me give you mint fresh news – enterprise architecture is coming back in a collaborative environment with Web 2.0 .

Architects from all over the world have put the integration of EA + Web 2.0 in their top priority list. Collaboration has been there for some time, but real time collaboration is still missing in the present online workspace.

Enterprise mashups are one way of integrating Web 2.0 mashups with enterprise architecture.

I would like some comments on this .


Mashups – Express Yourself

Mashups – is catching up fast . While Popfly allows users to generate mashups by drag/drop ; Google Mashups has exposed the AJAX coding to the end user .

To a non IT, Popfly is an excellent tool as it allows user to transform their creative thoughts through mashups.

On the contrary , Google Mashups ( which is available on request ) throws up the entire stuff to the end user with AJAX coding .

If either MS or Google adds the flexibility of mashups by drag and drop ; which can further be extended by AJAX coding, it would be awesome .