My S+S writeup gets an acknowledgement

I had published my random thoughts on S+S Wiki in our organization Wiki .

Yesterday I receive a mail , that my Wiki has been selected as the best Wiki of the week.

Hoping, it turns out to be the Wiki of the year .


Software + Services+ Microsoft Surface – Microsoft’s new Software Architecture

Microsoft’s new architectural strategy of Software + Services can enable a whole new world to the common people.

I am giving a simple scenario to explain this – A Coffee Shop

Normal Coffee Shop

a) You go with your friends to a coffee shop

b) Go to the self service counter and order for coffee and pay for the coffee .

c) Once your coffee is ready your name gets called and you get your coffee .

d) Then you continue chatting with your friends.

Coffee Shop running on Software + Services architecture

a) You sit along with your friends and the table has a digital menu .

b) You choose the type of coffee you want and confirm the order.

c) On confirmation the on screen display on your coffee table top asks for your mode of payment ; you enter your preferred mode of payment .

d) You receive a notification on your on screen display that your coffee is ready – you get up and bring your cup of coffee.

In the second example you have left your friends company one once , only to get the coffee.and have spent the majority of time with your friends .

If you were thinking that Software + Services were just an architecture then where does the digitized menu come from – enter surface computing .