About Me

I started my first job in C/ MS DOS ( 6.22 ) environment; in creating a graphics application. It was very interesting, as most of the events like mouse move, keyboard strokes had to be determined using interrupts. Advanced MS DOS programming by Ray Duncan was my single point of reference, as for the graphics, I already had some hand on experience – from my academic project. Interrupts were nice stuff, it was amazing to trap mouse button clicks, keyboard presses and what not with some magical hexadecimal numbers, int86x( ) was probably the most frequented function.

A couple of weeks later,  two Compaq Presario Desktops arrived, preloaded with Windows 95. It had a nice background of some fleeting clouds in a blue sky; and to my surprise one of them was given to me. I was the “proud owner” of a new desktop, loaded with Win95 . I remember, colleagues visiting my desk, to get a look of the new PC. As for me I went through the Windows 95 manual religiously,  – everything was so exciting !! I installed Turbo C++ and executed the program I had developed – the graphics looked much better in the new PC.

A couple of weeks later, I was informed that the project shall be moving to Visual C++ 1.5 . Now, I had no clue about Visual C++, except that one of my senior was doing a project on it for image processing. In the chit chats I had with him, he told me it was easy, “just take care of the Windows messages”. The learning curve was steep for me as I knew only C; I learnt C++, Windows SDK. My tryst with Visual C++ continued, accompanied by the wizards and book of David Kruglinski. But it was the book of Jeff Prosise which actually helped me to learn it, complemented by MFC Internals by George Shepherd and Scot Wingo.

I have moved along, now with design patterns, refactoring and software architecture, but still find that Visual C++ has lots to offer. On the other hand .NET and C# has made development much easier. I am also interested in analytics, and think that technology can do a lot for mankind .

I am a Software Consultant based out of Bangalore, India.

In my leisure time I listen to music, watch movies, read books, and spend quality time with my family.

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