My blog gets listed in Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 Blogs

My blog has been listed in the Microsoft Tech Ed 2008 Technical In Depth category.

I searched for “Sujay Ghosh” ( without the quotes ) and clicking on the link takes me to this blog.


Future of computing – is it cloud computing all the way

A lot of debate has been happening over the last couple of days, what shall be future of software architecture as cloud computing , SaaS, PaaS (Platform as a Service), S+S looms over.Cloud Computing : In simple terms cloud computing is throwing back the computing resources to the internet. There are two things in cloud computing a) one needs internet connectivity b) a big infrastructure is needed by the provider. The second one is only by big software players like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon… and of course users can use them.

Network Issues : There are various geographies where there is no internet penetration, but people working there are contractors working for big names like Walmart, Banana Republic etc. So how is cloud computing going to help them … at least I think it wont.

The above point rules out the fact that cloud computing can not exist alone.

Stories about Bill Gates

I came across a link which speaks about experiences shared with Bill Gates with other Microsoft employees, and other software techies.

Well I don’t have much to share about Bill Gates. I read two articles in a book, which I am sharing below :-

a) Bill Gates was spotted as an excellent programmer in his school days and he had started developing software for the classroom sitting arrangement. The software he developed had a trick ; he had designed the software in such a way, that the girls whom Bill Gates liked sat next to him !!!!!!!!!!

b) Bill Gates gave the last finishing touches to MS-DOS in a flight. He was flying to meet IBM officials to give a demonstration of MS-DOS .

P.S. I read the above information in a book I borrowed from USIS.

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