Microsoft Surface computing SDK – no international rollout yet

In my earlier post I had discussed how surface computing can revolutionize the retail industry. I had also illustrated the same with some examples. Both of the examples have turned out to be real , the Microsoft / Sheration tie up .

Recently I had contacted the Microsoft Surface computing desk for the SDK and found out that the SDK is not for international rollout. It is only available to PDC participants, and US / Canada residents. 😦


Surface Computing and Retail turns out to be real

Microsoft Surface table in an AT&T store

Echoing on one of my last posts , I had mentioned that Surface computing has a lot to do with the retail industry .

I had given an example about a cafe shop using surface computing and SaaS, but also mentioned that it can be extended to the retail sectors, eg the hotel industry .

So the next time you check into a hotel , you don’t have to wait for someone to guide you through – may it be the hotel itself, or flip through the menu cards . Software can take care of that – in fact surface computing finds one of its market in there.

Sheraton and Microsoft has just done that – Microsoft Surface at play in Sheraton – taking away the pain of the long cues and other stuff .

Somehow , whatever I am thinking or putting into my blog post is coming out real in some way or the other.

Let me see when people in India shall realize the potential of surface computing. The economy has gone north and this is one of the best time to show case the potential to the clients and get some business.

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Surface Computing and the retail industry

As IT firms look bullish towards the retail industry , by finding various means of transforming IT into business using SaaS and S+S , surface computing breathes in a fresh era.

Microsoft has already released Microsoft Surface along with AT&T in the USA and Microsoft Research is trying out with the “PlayAnyWhere” model ; I think surface computing still has a long way to go ,primarily because of the price.. one licence cost $10K. So to get surface computing down to the masses, virtualization is the key. I read on the web that Microsoft has done some H-Virtualization with Microsoft Surface …. No idea on that .

MS has been looking into application virtualization for some time, and if Micrsoft Surface gets virtualized , then retail industry, hotels , casinos are all game for IT .

My earlier post on surface computing can be found here . Articles on surface computing and S+S can be found here.

Surface Computing – the new era of computing

In my last post I wrote about one of the immense possibilities provided by surface computing.

Though there was not much about Microsoft Surface ( code name: Milan ) available, when I am writing this … the idea looks very much interesting .

Also found out that my idea has been incorporated by MS in one of its projects ,

Nice to note that .