Dipity – twitter with a new look and source

I have been using Twitter for quite some time, and I find it pretty useful.  Twitter is simple to use, has lot of clients, my favourite being Twhirl . I feel that if the mashup interface could have been made more friendly, it would help us a lot more. There are more mashup comparisons in my earlier blog.

A couple of weeks back , I chanced to get upon Plurk , it is similar to Twitter, but has a nice UI , the responses are threaded, but it has improved . But the UI is not that effective, so I use it seldom.

I was using FireEagle today , and came across Dipity. I created a account, and at first look it had a nice UI for the time line, and one could also add events. The better part was that one can Add Sources , like Twitter, FriendFeed, WordPress, Last.fm and all of them would show up in the UI . Thats a neat work, and the user does not need to get log into each service and get the updates.

My Dipity Profile

The features provided are cool, but Twitter shall still rule, as Twitter has a large fan base, and has lots of clients . Another application Twistori shall probably combine both the features of Plurk and Dipity, lets see what they have to offer.

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Google all set to conquer the web

After Google‘s flagship product , its search engine ( no marks for guessing that right ), Google has gained poularity for its other free products , specailly the GMail . GMail has soon become the favourite web mail … I guess its probably the leading one now … even though there were several other email providers which had started a decade before Gmail had .

Close to the heels of GMail there came Google Docs, Orkut and Google Page Creator…. there are many but these are the most commonly used – I have tried with Google Sites, but I get an error everytime. They have all become quite successful and recently Orkut has exposed its OpenSocial api for developers to build gadgets … something Facebook was having earlier and still has .

But Web 2.0 probably had lots of more to offer .. there was competetion from different quarters … user generated inputs ( Twitter ), virtual socialization (Vivaty, Vside) .

So I guess Google started acquistions …. Jaiku , a similar tool like twitter has been acquired by Google . Google completed the circle this week, by launching Lively , something similar to Vivaty.

In fact Vivaty and Lively were launced to the public on the same day. Both Vivaty and Lively needs a player to be downloaded which I dont like, there are virtual networking sites which work directly on Flash, ( Minilife ). I dont know what are is the architecture behind Lively and Vivaty .

But with I guess if these are RIA applications , then SilverLight or Adobe AIR would have been needed for installation , well these are my guesses.