Mashups – A Quick Comparsion

Mashups are really great stuff, specially for those who have little knowledge about HTML/ Javascript .

Summing up the preliminary comparions on three mashups .

1) Microsoft Popfly

Excellent UI , Drag and Drop, Easy integration, Result in minutes ….. and all things that remind one of Microsoft.
I created mashups to get my freind list in Facebook and news from Digg in less than 5 minutes .
Popfly also allows you to create games and web pages .

You need to put the code in an iframe tag to make the stuff work on your page .

2) Yahoo Pipe

Another great mashup . Very good UI , drag / drop features , easy to use, excellent result in minutes. Have not checked out whether the use can customize the mashup further .

One good thing I liked in YP is that it provides an URL ; where the mashup resides . So I guess one needs to provide a link to the URL in the web page – have not tested on this yet .

I created a RSS reader filter on Yahoo Pipes , and it was great .

3) Google Mashups

This is still in beta, accounts are available only on request . If one needs to create a Google mashup he/she should know coding. Presently there is no drag and drop facility available.

Have not explored the coding yet ; but there are cool samples to guide one with. You can create the Google Docs interface in a matter of minutes .

Hopefully they shall come up with drag and drop in the final release.

I shall post some snap shots of the mashups later .