Dipity – twitter with a new look and source

I have been using Twitter for quite some time, and I find it pretty useful.  Twitter is simple to use, has lot of clients, my favourite being Twhirl . I feel that if the mashup interface could have been made more friendly, it would help us a lot more. There are more mashup comparisons in my earlier blog.

A couple of weeks back , I chanced to get upon Plurk , it is similar to Twitter, but has a nice UI , the responses are threaded, but it has improved . But the UI is not that effective, so I use it seldom.

I was using FireEagle today , and came across Dipity. I created a account, and at first look it had a nice UI for the time line, and one could also add events. The better part was that one can Add Sources , like Twitter, FriendFeed, WordPress, Last.fm and all of them would show up in the UI . Thats a neat work, and the user does not need to get log into each service and get the updates.

My Dipity Profile

The features provided are cool, but Twitter shall still rule, as Twitter has a large fan base, and has lots of clients . Another application Twistori shall probably combine both the features of Plurk and Dipity, lets see what they have to offer.

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Moving from blogger to wordpress

I have recently moved from my previous blog to this wordpress blog. I have not imported from my earlier blog, as I want it to stay as it is. It was my first blog, it helped me in letting me know that a blog is not about writing posts, lots of things go behind making a good blog.  For someone like me, who never worked on html / javascript I learned a fraction of that too. 🙂 .. remember the post-footer and div things.

It is an excellent platform, endless ways for extensibility, and supported by most of the blog world. But there are some things missing which a professional blogger would look for. I guess WordPress peeps the post there.

Location Based Networking – making it work for you

Social networking has become more than a past time , if seen seriously it looks like it has still more challenges to cross, but barring the challenges it has brought in a lot of change , in the way we look today.

But, there is a drawback here, if you need to find a people from the place one is in, one has to search and find the friend. This has given to a new form of social networking – location based networking. Some like Mates is based on Relationship Engine / Relationship Space Navigator. Right now there are many such networks, my favourite being Skout , it is expanding its network by every day. Location based networking sites, allows the user to find out other users from the same location. Of course it also lets you search people from other locations. In Scout for example you have a microblog too , so its a combination of Twitter and a social networking tool.

Location based networking, looks to have tremendous potential effectively. In a recently concluded architecture conference, there was a small brainstorming session ; I am giving some excerpts below:-

Jack and Anne are both in Hawaii, for their business trips. Jack is a venture capitalist, and Anne is in business development for her startup. They don’t know each other but staying in the same hotel. They both have their own plans during the upcoming Saturday. Unfortunately on Saturday morning , it starts to rain and their plans gets spoiled.

How can location based networking help
With a location based networking tool , both Jack and Anne can find each other with similar keywords,”staying at Hilton”. Now the relationship engine navigator searches the network and can find Jack , Anne and other people staying at Hilton. This is also possible through GPS , but I think Relationship Engine would be a better choice, as it used certain features available in GPS too.

Once Jack has found Anne, or other people they can request for a invite and get connected. So the dull weekend may turn out to be a business opportunity for Jack and Anne.

Microsoft Azure – cloud computing platform from Microsoft

With big players and enterprises looking up at cloud computing and with salesforce.com taking the lead for on demand applications, can Microsoft be far behind.

At the recently concluded PDC 2008 , MS launched Microsoft Azure ; a host of on demand services.

In fact not in the true sense of cloud computing, Microsoft had started the project codenamed Hailstorm. Initially called .NET My Services it was supposed to be a framework to build applications upon. However for some reason it did not make its mark.

With various changes in the internet shelf of Microsoft, like introduction of Live Services, Skydrive, Office Workspace it was soon becoming ominous that MS shall be launching a new framework for the developer community to embrace.

Microsoft Azure looks all set for cloud computing and even has a SDK/tools which integrate with Visual Studio 2008 ; so developers can code in C# , and other .NET languages.

Some related resources can also be found in the Azure MSDN site.

WordPress is awesome

Today I was playing with the WordPress posts and widgets , and I found it has LOTS to offer. One of the reasons of staying at blogger, was that I could add widgets by adding Java/HTML scripts. I thought I could acheive that only in WordPress.com by buying some credits … but today I found the solution.

While playing with the widgets I found a widget called Text ; with a description saying for HTML . I thought for a moment ; and then burned my WordPress blog feed in feed burner; and pasted the code …. and it was working neat.

So some of my doubts with WordPress are over, even though editing CSS still remains paid. Now I am waiting to hit up my next post.

Should I stay or should I go – WordPress vs Blogger

Could not think of a better post name – the post name is one of the greatest hits of The Clash.

I have started blogging on my blogger blog for quite some time . Blogger has given me the liberty to add various scripts and widgets to my blog – thus letting me change my blog theme now and then and adding widgets for the better. My blog currently has a PR of 3 and I think blogger has still lots to offer.

A couple of days back I also enabled podcast for my blog, well things are fine with blogger. But for a couple of days I am getting the feeling that starting of a wordpress blog would be better. In fact I started this blog around two years back , but what kept me away from continuing at WordPress was the fact that I could not edit scripts, neither could I customize it. So I was there posting here with some general stuff, and giving my favourite blog much attention. So as a beginner to blogs, Blogger was amazing…. well it still is. Well so far so good; an amazing experience, fun, lots of widgets – cool stuff ; overall an excellent platform for bloggers to start on.

One of the things which was holding me blogging at WordPress is the lack of professional themes. Well a couple of days back I found this theme – it was professional, elegant and had the best look from all of the featured themes. I am also starting to realize the basics for a professional blog – comments,feeds, useful widgets – and WordPress offers all of those – adding a few more widgets like online presence,music player would be nice – takes the boring times away.

I guess WordPress has everything, and with the acquistion of Intense Debate, comments are likely to get more interesting. I also have Intense Debate in my blog; but I guess with WordPress 2.7 rollout, things shall become better.

Just feeling nostalgic, should I stay at Blogger, or should I go to WordPress – even though somewhere WordPress is peeping the post.

Surface Computing and Retail turns out to be real

Microsoft Surface table in an AT&T store

Echoing on one of my last posts , I had mentioned that Surface computing has a lot to do with the retail industry .

I had given an example about a cafe shop using surface computing and SaaS, but also mentioned that it can be extended to the retail sectors, eg the hotel industry .

So the next time you check into a hotel , you don’t have to wait for someone to guide you through – may it be the hotel itself, or flip through the menu cards . Software can take care of that – in fact surface computing finds one of its market in there.

Sheraton and Microsoft has just done that – Microsoft Surface at play in Sheraton – taking away the pain of the long cues and other stuff .

Somehow , whatever I am thinking or putting into my blog post is coming out real in some way or the other.

Let me see when people in India shall realize the potential of surface computing. The economy has gone north and this is one of the best time to show case the potential to the clients and get some business.

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