Stories about Bill Gates

I came across a link which speaks about experiences shared with Bill Gates with other Microsoft employees, and other software techies.

Well I don’t have much to share about Bill Gates. I read two articles in a book, which I am sharing below :-

a) Bill Gates was spotted as an excellent programmer in his school days and he had started developing software for the classroom sitting arrangement. The software he developed had a trick ; he had designed the software in such a way, that the girls whom Bill Gates liked sat next to him !!!!!!!!!!

b) Bill Gates gave the last finishing touches to MS-DOS in a flight. He was flying to meet IBM officials to give a demonstration of MS-DOS .

P.S. I read the above information in a book I borrowed from USIS.

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Programming … Then and Now – Part 1

I started my career with TurboC on MS-DOS . The project was on real time systems along with graphics .

I had worked on my C graphics in my academics and hence I had a hang of it. However the most interesting part of my project was handing the keyboard and mouse ….. I was giving MS DOS a Windows look . …. in my leisure time I used to work on Window 3.1 .

Using interrupts was the first challenge … Ray Duncan’s “Advanced DOS” helped a lot in this matter. I was working on interrupts and graphics ; when one fine day, my superior told me I had to work on Visual C++ .

Though I was a bit worried about this new stuff “Visual C++” .. remember in my time Internet was a rare thing, and only the privileged one could get access to it at least in my organisation. Internet rates were so high that I could not personally afford a connection at that point of time.

Little did I realize that day, that learning curve would take to me great heights in later days.

Cutting it short, I mainly work on C++, STL, Windows SDK Programming, MFC,COM, ATL and presently on .NET. Looking forward to work on WTL as well.

Just a last word, Windows SDK Programming still rocks !!!!!!!!!!!