Surface Computing and Retail turns out to be real

Microsoft Surface table in an AT&T store

Echoing on one of my last posts , I had mentioned that Surface computing has a lot to do with the retail industry .

I had given an example about a cafe shop using surface computing and SaaS, but also mentioned that it can be extended to the retail sectors, eg the hotel industry .

So the next time you check into a hotel , you don’t have to wait for someone to guide you through – may it be the hotel itself, or flip through the menu cards . Software can take care of that – in fact surface computing finds one of its market in there.

Sheraton and Microsoft has just done that – Microsoft Surface at play in Sheraton – taking away the pain of the long cues and other stuff .

Somehow , whatever I am thinking or putting into my blog post is coming out real in some way or the other.

Let me see when people in India shall realize the potential of surface computing. The economy has gone north and this is one of the best time to show case the potential to the clients and get some business.

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