Google all set to conquer the web

After Google‘s flagship product , its search engine ( no marks for guessing that right ), Google has gained poularity for its other free products , specailly the GMail . GMail has soon become the favourite web mail … I guess its probably the leading one now … even though there were several other email providers which had started a decade before Gmail had .

Close to the heels of GMail there came Google Docs, Orkut and Google Page Creator…. there are many but these are the most commonly used – I have tried with Google Sites, but I get an error everytime. They have all become quite successful and recently Orkut has exposed its OpenSocial api for developers to build gadgets … something Facebook was having earlier and still has .

But Web 2.0 probably had lots of more to offer .. there was competetion from different quarters … user generated inputs ( Twitter ), virtual socialization (Vivaty, Vside) .

So I guess Google started acquistions …. Jaiku , a similar tool like twitter has been acquired by Google . Google completed the circle this week, by launching Lively , something similar to Vivaty.

In fact Vivaty and Lively were launced to the public on the same day. Both Vivaty and Lively needs a player to be downloaded which I dont like, there are virtual networking sites which work directly on Flash, ( Minilife ). I dont know what are is the architecture behind Lively and Vivaty .

But with I guess if these are RIA applications , then SilverLight or Adobe AIR would have been needed for installation , well these are my guesses.