Why WordPress blogs – an afterthought

I am a Google fan, and I love GReader, GMaps, GMail, Gdocs, mobile Gmail. I dont remember the last time I was not using Google for search ; in fact that is the only toolbar I have in my browser  🙂 . That also let me going with Blogger for more than 3 years. Recently I have left blogger with a PR 3. Crazy that I deleted all the blogger posts after the import.

Then I read some posts that Cutline ( the theme I am using ) has been sold, theres no tool for importing WP posts in blogger ( Draft blogger has one, but one needs to specify a XML file ) ; looks like there should be RAID 0 for blogs too 🙂 These are all shivering; aren’t they.

Then I found out why people have moved to Blogger from WordPress. I have discussed some of them in my earlier post ; so thought I would post the one that really brought me to WordPress – SEO friendliness.

What most people miss out when comparing blogging platforms is the way search engine looks at the blogs. Now I am not a great web site analyst ; but after 3+ years into blogging I have learnt a fraction of it. Once I had typed a misspelt my post heading, and there was no way to change the post title URL in blogger. I had to make a repost of the entire post for the spelling change in the URL. In wordpress you just need to edit the permalink; and you are all done. There are more, incoming links , trackbacks, outgoing links, and many others add up to the PR. Blogger has backlinks but I never saw anything coming up within 3+ years, with WordPress less than 15 datys old for me there are some incoming links – now aint that awesome. There are third party tools available which does the needful , with WP its out of the box.

There are more in blogs other than posts.