Should I stay or should I go – WordPress vs Blogger

Could not think of a better post name – the post name is one of the greatest hits of The Clash.

I have started blogging on my blogger blog for quite some time . Blogger has given me the liberty to add various scripts and widgets to my blog – thus letting me change my blog theme now and then and adding widgets for the better. My blog currently has a PR of 3 and I think blogger has still lots to offer.

A couple of days back I also enabled podcast for my blog, well things are fine with blogger. But for a couple of days I am getting the feeling that starting of a wordpress blog would be better. In fact I started this blog around two years back , but what kept me away from continuing at WordPress was the fact that I could not edit scripts, neither could I customize it. So I was there posting here with some general stuff, and giving my favourite blog much attention. So as a beginner to blogs, Blogger was amazing…. well it still is. Well so far so good; an amazing experience, fun, lots of widgets – cool stuff ; overall an excellent platform for bloggers to start on.

One of the things which was holding me blogging at WordPress is the lack of professional themes. Well a couple of days back I found this theme – it was professional, elegant and had the best look from all of the featured themes. I am also starting to realize the basics for a professional blog – comments,feeds, useful widgets – and WordPress offers all of those – adding a few more widgets like online presence,music player would be nice – takes the boring times away.

I guess WordPress has everything, and with the acquistion of Intense Debate, comments are likely to get more interesting. I also have Intense Debate in my blog; but I guess with WordPress 2.7 rollout, things shall become better.

Just feeling nostalgic, should I stay at Blogger, or should I go to WordPress – even though somewhere WordPress is peeping the post.


One Response to Should I stay or should I go – WordPress vs Blogger

  1. ishan banga says:

    Nice share..

    I m a webdesigner view (my blog)

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