Predictive Analytics and healthcare

There have been various incidents in my family, which has resulted in various forms of medical ailment .

For example, my uncle who was doing pretty fine, did a routine heart check up and found out that 85% of one artery was blocked . He went on for a block removal .

Problem Statement
So the next time I go to a doctor, he can not only tell me about the present scenario , he can also predict what can be the suggested outcome … well they normally do, based on experience .. the more experienced he is the better option he can give ; so the keyword here is experience .

Earlier we visited the ophthalmologist for spectacles, and he would do a manual testing to give the correct lens. But now it has been replaced by computers , and no matter how less experienced is he the computer gives the correct lens , and the doc does some fine tuning on top of that .

Predictive Analysis/Analytics and Software Architecture
As business develops for the better and health care options get expensive, can’t we embed business intelligence ( BI ) into our daily lives.

So the above can be replaced with a more general option; say a computerized prediction… a option from which everyone can benefit .

Building this BI requires knowledge / experience on data mining built on that particular domain. This sort of BI has come to be known as predictive analysis.

A health care system, developed keeping predictive analysis in mind can go a long way in helping the common man in his/her daily life .

More details on predictive analysis/predictive analytics can be found here .

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3 Responses to Predictive Analytics and healthcare

  1. Now that would be the worst … healthcare driven by predictive analytics!

  2. Sujay Ghosh says:

    Thanks for your comments. My objective is not to make healthcare driven by predictive analytics. But I think using analytics , we can have some kind of rationale towards the prediction – an average one of course. Then the doctors can fine tune it. We all know statistics isnt correct all the time , but still we many a times rely on statistics .

  3. Sujay Ghosh says:

    Hi Max,

    That was just a thought .

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