Surface Computing and the retail industry

As IT firms look bullish towards the retail industry , by finding various means of transforming IT into business using SaaS and S+S , surface computing breathes in a fresh era.

Microsoft has already released Microsoft Surface along with AT&T in the USA and Microsoft Research is trying out with the “PlayAnyWhere” model ; I think surface computing still has a long way to go ,primarily because of the price.. one licence cost $10K. So to get surface computing down to the masses, virtualization is the key. I read on the web that Microsoft has done some H-Virtualization with Microsoft Surface …. No idea on that .

MS has been looking into application virtualization for some time, and if Micrsoft Surface gets virtualized , then retail industry, hotels , casinos are all game for IT .

My earlier post on surface computing can be found here . Articles on surface computing and S+S can be found here.


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