MTURK – A Handful of Dollars for FREE

Till now I was only knew about making money with Adsense – but there was a disadvantage. Other people need to click on your ads for you to get money , so if others dont feel my ads ( rather Ads generate for me by Google ) good enough … I wont get a single penny . Well I have created a web page using GPC , and I am still figuring out how to get the AdSense working up there .

It was at this time I came to know about Mturk . I started with Mturk from yesterday and find it quite interesting , as it can generate quick money. I was suprised when I checked my Mturk account today that I have earned $0.20 within 1 day. I have submitted around 30 tasks and waiting for some more payments ….now thats what I or rather everybody would call quick money.

Shall post more on the amazing Mturk … meanwhile I am also on the lookout if there any other money making machines like this.

If you know any web sites like Mtruk , please leave your comment .


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